Are You Currently Facing These Issues?
Dealing with delivery delay?
Mising Parcel?
Rising labor cost?
Unable to address concerns to customer service 24/7?
Extensive warehouse cost?

END-TO-END System Integration
Through our system integration, customers are able to generate their own personalize consignment note and adding their own company logo.
Real Time Tracking
Our last-mile delivery service comes with real-time tracking capability. Where clients are able to track driver and their package in real-time. API link shall be provided if you have your own tracking website/webpage.
Proof of Delivery (POD)
BGC Logistics delivery adheres to strict delivery protocols to ensure high quality standard of throughout. After each successful delivery, all deliveryman have to upload a proof of:

  1. Picture of the parcel.

  2. Picture of the receiver’s unit number.

  3. Picture of the receiver‘s block number.

  4. All signatory are mandatory unless leave at doorstep is being requested.

Communication Efficiency
Apart from our standard delivery protocols for POD, should the recipient choose the leave at doorstep option, the assigned driver will take a photograph of the parcel left at the door and upload into our system. In such cases, there will be no signatures for the POD.

Important note: Our delivery personnel will NOT leave any parcels at door without recipient's prior consent sent via response to our first SMS trigger. The consent text that our delivery personnel received will also be uploaded to our system too.
Delivery Rescheduling
It is our belief that all recipients would want to receive their parcels on time. However, there will be instances whereby despite our best efforts, the deliveries still could not be achieved. These could be due to the wrong addresses or recipient not contactable and no leave at doorstep instructions given.

Should we encounter these situations, a screen shot of our call log will also be uploaded as proof that we have made attempts to contact the recipient but to no avail.
Automated Notification
Before delivery, we will send a text to the customers to inform that their parcel has been assigned out.

Upon receiving the 1st SMS, recipients can opt to choose leave at doorstep service by replying “YES”, if they are not in.

Once the item is out for delivery, the recipient will received a second SMS with a link to track the delivery status in real time.
Customer Service
Our highly trained and customer support team is always on standby to answer your calls and emails.
No more worrying about the delivery issues faced by the customers.
Customers may reach out to our customer service hotline or via email.
Our Capability
We owned a total of 150 fleets of vans.
Able to deliver 3000 – 8000 delivery of parcels/day
Warehouse size: 8000 sq.ft.