Frequently Asked Questions

No. Foodwheels is a food ordering and delivery service. We deliver food from any of the member restaurant.

You can order from any of our partner restaurants. We already have most popular restaurants in our list, and the number will continue to grow day after day.

We deliver to any locations inside of Damak and its periphery. However, we plan to deliver food to all of the towns around Damak in the near future.

No. The price in our online menu is exactly the same as the table menu price of the respective member restaurants.

Starting delivery price is Rs. 20, and extra amount depends to your location.

You will pay our delivery agent in cash upon delivery of food to your location.

We make an effort to include restaurants on our website that are known for having good quality food. However, our main focus is hassle free ordering and delivery. The restaurant you choose will be responsible for the quality of food they offer.

Sorry. This option is disabled at the moment.

You can. However, you need to inform us over the phone on time. If the ordered food is already prepared by the restaurant, you cannot cancel the order.

You can. However, you need to place different orders and meet the minimum amount for each restaurant.

You don't need any minimum order amount to get it delivered at your place. However, we may change the minimum order amount over time, so please get the latest details from our website.

For the time being, our service operates from 11:00 am and we take orders till 7:00 pm.

Generally it takes 45 minutes to one hour to deliver your order. The time it takes depends on several factors like the distance between your location and the restaurant you ordered from, traffic conditions, how busy our delivery boys are, or how busy the restaurant is at particular point of time, the type of food and size of your order etc. We do our best to deliver your order as soon as possible. In order to make sure that the food is delivered on time, you may order food well in advance, even a few hours before the time you want your food to be delivered.